15 Jan 2017 @ 09:28 AM
Soft POP Acoustic Relax JukeBox
Here, I'm share my own playlist of the songs playing while I am coding and studying. The playlist include hundreds of Pop Song and there are good for chill time and provide concentration for studying or working. Please enjoy it.

22 Dec 2016 @ 10:18 AM
My Digital Cartoon Vector Arts
Since 2010, I started to create the digital cartoon arts by using Photoshop, I used the tool called "Pen Tools" which allow to draw custom vector shapes or manipulate the vector shape. So, I create the vector shapes layer by layer, every created shapes can be manipulable after created.

The vector shape layer provide the flexibility to manage the appearance of the shape such as color, blending options and shape. Every time I draw a digital cartoon, I created about a hundred of vector shape layers for future enhancement or reuse purposes.

I mastered the pen tool(s) drawing skill and layer management skill while create the vector art. Sometime, I also would like to use some brush to color the gradient effect for the shadow and lighting.

This album(s) show the growth of my vector drawing skills. Hope you all like it.

08 Oct 2016 @ 09:04 AM
DevFest + GDay George Town (GDG) 2016

GDG George Town 2016 was held on 8th October 2016 at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. The GDG George Town 2016 early bird ticket are free with limited on 700 tickets, so required to register ealier on the event website here. For each early bird participant can get one event T-shirt and access pass which allow qualify for "stamp and win" lucky draw contest. Since the GDG theme of this year is "Build, Grow & Earn in Mobile World", so there are lot of booths which exhibit about their mobile applications or IT related services whether new starter or recent production exist on the market, such as "Grab", "Shoppertise", "Qisfun", "TableAPP", "DeliveryEat","JomFishing","PiktoChart", "Exabyte" and more. by the way of attend the exibihition, it inspire me about the creativity and power of IT works on Malaysia nowsaday, it also give me some new ideas about mobile marketing strategies works on Malaysia.

For the "stamp and win" lucky draw contest, the participant need to go around the booths and take a look to collect 12 stamp and get the change of lucky draw.

I collect all the stamp and I get a water bottle tumblr and win a Google cardboard from the lucky draw contest. Moreover, there are a section to get free google and some IT organisation stickers, I also get some of smazing and adorable stickers. The participants also free lunch and drink this year. 

The image below shown the schedule of the talks of the day.

About the list of talk, I quite interested on the talk of "Cross Platform Mobile App", "Laravel - The PHP Framework", "Angular: One framework, Mobile and desktop" and "Build Beautiful Creoss Platform App with Ionic 2".