06 Nov 2017 @ 12:44 PM
Chilindo Auction Time !!!
This is my first ever attempt of the Online Auction Service which called Chilindo. Chilindo is originally from Thailand, but now it available at Malaysia with and it provide the shipping service that cost RM 6 per checkout to any west region of Malaysia. All bindings are performed through the online system automatically and all products was provide by the Chilindo itself(No personal bid available).

I was shared my account with my friends that shared the shipping fee for the checkout,so we was spend about RM 400 at Chilindo as a checkout which won 35++ Auctions. Each won auction will charge more 10% of the final bid price. One of my friend won lowest bid as RM 0.01 which is "21inch Size Wiper Blade",the I won highest bid as "Waterproof Sport HD camera" which cost me at RM 58.08.

Chilindo is using "Ninja Van" logistic service which provided shipment tracking service. I was checkout at 7 October and I received the parcel at 10 October. They packed the 40++ items at the big cardboard with less compact package that still got some space at the package, it caused some of the product was crashed and spoiled at the package while delivering.Based on the received products,I found that there are 2 products was spoiled and 2 products is missing, so I contacted their support team via email for the issues, Then they repocess the order of the spoiled and missing products to me without any charges. Their support service is not quite responsive, it was took about 1.5 weeks to receive the missing and spoiled products.

I rated the service at "3 out of 5".

Due to because most products was not the qualities as you expected but some product still worth to bids at reasonable price, so think wisely before you bid the products. On the other side, the system is quite user friendly and easy to control, so I give quite high rate about it.

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Broccoli pasta shells: this developer delete my comments
2017-11-06 11:29:29
cozuni04: Chilindo gave me bad experience
2017-11-06 01:56:58
kikilala: ssssssss
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